The free SmartShopper Plugin

Always the lowest price from over 5,000 online shops

The SmartShopper of the OneVision holding AG makes it possible.

Save cash now

Are you tired of looking for the best price for your product on hundreds of comparison shopping sites? Then Smart Shopper is right for you, because it automatically searches for the cheapest price from over 5000 online shops.

Free for you

Smart Shopper is a free downloadable tool. There are no subscription or other fees for the use of Smart Shopper! A free browser plug-in which helps you save a lot of money on your online shopping! Save cash now!

Fully automatic

After installing Smart Shopper on your browser, Smart Shopper automatically checks a huge database of over 350 million products in the background, to see where you can buy the product you are searching for at the lowest price

You simply download the compatible browser plug-in for your browser and you can immediately start searching for the cheapest prices with Smart Shopper. Once you have installed Smart Shopper, open for example Amazon and start the price search using the magnifying glass of the Smart Shopper tool. Smart Shopper looks for the best price for you out of approximately 350 million products! Please note: This results in longer loading times than usual. Therefore it is advisable that you deactivate Smart Shopper during normal browsing. For Chrome, top right under settings, extensions, and then remove the tick. For Firefox also under settings, add-ons, extensions, deactivate. To continue shopping just activate it again and save a lot of time and money!